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Week by Week:
challenge yourself to manage your health
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5th-Feb-2006 09:32 pm - Habit-ation
The daily habit I'm goung to persue for the next 3 weeks:

Drink 100oz water every day!

I'll post to check in daily. If I don't get in exactly 100, I won't quit, just keep on keepin on.


5th-Feb-2006 05:18 pm - Progress
So I was up a pound, but lost 7% body fat... o.0

I'm totally retaining water from my horrid salt habit. I feel like I can't kick this particular addiction atm cuz to do that, I need to avoid the foods I add it to, mainly dressings,. sauces soups and pates. When over half your diet is veggies. it's hard and I get cranky. So I would happily do a week of fruit but not a whole lot in season. I can literally live on OJ but it gives Jake a tushie rash :( I'll work on cutting down and making green smoothies.

I'm also addicted to avos and nuts and my fat cal comsumption has been ridiculous lately. Damn you nutridiary.com! lol

So this weeks goals: Less salt, less fat, more water and -1 pound that's not water related


5th-Feb-2006 12:43 pm - Goals for the Week of Febuary 6th
1. I would like to weigh-in at 196.5lbs, which will be a 1.7lb loss for me. I'm going to do this by eating more fruits and veggies and making healthier choices at work (I have to jobs, both in restaurants that give you free food on your breaks.

2. Because I've been working so much, 65 hours per week, my apartment has kind fallen apart. The messy-ness makes it hard for me to relax, so I'm going to set a goal of spending 15minutes cleaning every day, no matter how tired I am. In the end, I'll feel better for it.
pretty face
5th-Feb-2006 10:04 am(no subject)
I have been very slackerly in posting here... so since I am going to work on getting fit before and for that Self challenge thing, I am going to try to post

Goal 1 - stick to 2 treats - so Either 2 cookies, or a cookie and rice krispie treat, none of this 1 cookie for lunch and 2 treats for dinner...
Goal 2 - stick to 40 minutes cardio per day, except maybe Mondays where I can do only weights since it is the longest day.

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5th-Feb-2006 10:01 am - 2006 Self Challenge

A friend of mine sent me an invitation to this and it sounds good - especially since the start date is just after Valentines and runs for a while

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sounds good and motivational and what not with the reminders and everything - just what I need ^_^

3rd-Feb-2006 11:46 am - 3 Week Challenge?
I just did one of these and it really helps, so I was wondering if anyone was up for it...

It takes 21 days to create a habit.

Pick one good habit you wish to create and stick to it for 21 days. Post every day to check it off. That'll get you in the posting habit too!

I will meditate for 5 minutes every day
I will drink 10 glasses of water daily
I will do 15 minutes of cardio nightly

You just pick one to concentrate on.

Care to join me? I'm starting on Monday, Feb 6th so by March I'll have a happy new habit.


2nd-Feb-2006 12:32 am - First Post
Heya, everyone. My name is Tanya, I am about to turn 25 in about a month, and my daily life consists of sitting on my bum the majority of the time due to being an artist. I want to get back into exercise, but I have always had troubles with sticking with it for more than a few months.

I have always been a big girl, my all-time high weight being a year ago at 246. Considering I am large-framed ("big boned" gets tossed around, but seriously, even my head is much bigger when compared to my older sisters) and stand at 5'8", I don't plan on something outrageous like being 115 pounds. My realistic all-time goal is to reach somewhere around 150-160 pounds and to get into a size 8/10.

I am currently 235 pounds, I have a horrible diet, and no exercise regimen for months now. My plan is to get back on Power 90 (yeah, Tony Horton is a really great exercise partner! ;)), something I did for two months last year and lost 30 pounds. I was eating VERY well, was following my calorie deficit, but making sure I ate at least 1500 calories a day. I ate so much raw food and salad, I was shedding fat every-which-way. Some unpleasant news came into my family just after two months of the program, and I gave up completely. Since quitting in July '05, I have tried a few times to get back on track, but haven't lasted more than 2 weeks with either a healthy diet and/or exercise regimen. I really want to complete the Power 90 program, because truthfully it was so much fun! And the results were awesome. I could do the bend-forward, straight-legged stretch and lay my hands flat on the floor in front of me, when before I started I couldn't even reach my toes. Clothes were fitting more loosely, and I was more energized and limber and strong than I have ever been. And I just recently found out that the program has expanded, and now I am curious about what is new.

For some reason, it is just really hard to get going again and even harder sticking with it. It is frustrating for me, because although I can make goals for myself, I have never seen myself lower than 175 pounds as an adult. At 175, I still had tummy fat and a bit of back fat I wanted gone, so I have never seen the truly "thin" me. I think there is a part of me that is scared to see what I look like underneath all this fat...but an even larger part wants to see because it knows it will look so much better. Perhaps I am afraid to look better...I don't know. I have always been chubby, and think this large layer of fat is what I protect myself with from the outside world. As if, right? ;)

My first goals are to just start eating more healthy foods and at more healthy times (the past month or so I have fallen into the eating-once-a-day habit, tsk tsk, I know), and to just get started with P90 again. I do have my long-term goals, of course, the biggest being to start jogging again (I plan on starting after I am below 200 pounds...I don't want to do more harm than good) and maybe getting into moderate weight-lifting.

My biggest weakness is self-doubt. Well, that and chocolate. But, I am sure that if I update here regularly, things will fall into place!

So, glad to meet ya all! ;)
Dark Isis
29th-Jan-2006 02:03 pm - Hi there!
Well, now that I've popped on here, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm 41 just about to hit 42 in a month of so. And I'm now within about 12 lbs of my all time highest weight. Several years ago I had managed to peel off about 45lbs a la Weight Watchers. I've obviously at this point gained most of it back.

I have a hard time saying "No" when it comes to food. It's doubly hard since both my sweetie and I love to cook, and love to drink (ah those tasty useles calories).

Also due to a variety of health related issues, I haven't been able to lead the active life style I was used to for quite some time, so I know that has impacted the weight gain as well. Right now most of those issues appear to have been ameliorated.

So I guess one of the first steps I will be taking will be to ease myself back into a work out routine. I know if I don't start light I'll drop it like a stone.

The next thing, which I've already started is dialing back the food intake. One egg instead of 2 at brekkie and such. I may go back to the WW points thing as that seemed to work previously.

Anyway that's where my head is at with off of this.
27th-Jan-2006 09:26 am - Intro
Hi all,
I guess we're supposed to 'check in' here... I'm Ellen, and I'd like to lose about 60 pounds. Ack. I have underactive thyroid problems, and though it's supposedly under control with meds, the weight keeps piling on. I need more exercise and to stay away from sugar and white flour... At present, unfortunately, I have some medical issues going on, so I can't begin an exercise program, even walking for very long is a problem. Once I get all the issues resolved, I'll get to it. Meanwhile I'll try to modify my diet.

So that's me.... looking forward to seeing what works for the rest of you.
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