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Week by Week:
challenge yourself to manage your health
Week One is Done! 
8th-Feb-2006 09:44 pm
Heya, everyone.

My weekly check-in: I have finished week 1 of Power 90, and already feel improvements. I am falling back into the exercise routine rather nicely. The best change so far is that my mind is ready for it. Go me and my brain.

My diet is improving, but I still have many weaknesses in it...I am working on that, though.

My goals for this next week:

1 - I want to lose 2 pounds this week.

This past week I have lost 5 pounds, but haven't changed the diet enough to make a huge difference like that yet. Every time I have ever started some sort of exercise routine and start eating better foods, the first few weeks I lose a considerable amount of weight, then it slows down to the 1-3 pound range per week after. I am not starving myself, and I am not overexercising. The difference is I am no longer overeating and I am exercising.

2 - I want to stop doubting myself as I exercise.

This is a big deal for me as I tend to think, "I should be doing this like so-and-so does." I know that when I get into the grove of exercise I push myself to work as hard as I can without injuring myself, but even that seems like it is not good enough. I want this time to count, and thoughts like that really are a downer and tend to be what makes me give up in the long run; "I can't do this because it isn't perfect". I don't want to doubt myself anymore.

I am still cranking away on the 3-week challenge, as well. Three days down, 17 more to go! Thanks to Beth for giving me the incentive to do something new!

Good luck this week!
Dark Isis
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