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In the past two weeks... 
12th-Mar-2006 07:27 am
Two-and-a-half weeks or so ago, I picked up on a more intense/longer cardio routine, trying to prepare myself for re-entry into the jogging world. I have one of those "cross-training" machines, I guess it is called. The foot pedals can be set to simulate cycling-walking/jogging-crosscountry skiing. Anyway, it is a lot less jarring on the joints, and since I am still quite hefty, I thought it would be a good way to condition my innards before my outards :) start showing more results, so I can be comfortable whilst jogging. I at first started off at 12 minutes, and that was TOUGH! Since then, I have increased my time per day to a full hour, the fastest I have ever improved on any exercise program/routine. I have been at an hour for a week, wow, and yesterday's workout felt like it was nothin', so today I may try increasing resistance, time, or try one of the programs the machine offers.

My results from the past two weeks are:

Weight: -1 pound
Waist: -.25"
Abdomen: -1.5"
Hips: -.75"
Chest: -.5"
Right Thigh: -1"
Left Thigh: -.25"

For the first time since I've started taking measurements, I am losing INCHES before POUNDS! Now, THAT is very important to me. I could care less how much I weigh, so long as the inches start coming off. I understand that I am more than likely building muscle with my new routine, which rocks my socks quite a big lot. I don't believe in that whole "I lost combined inches" thing, since I personally think that can be misleading, so I will update here every few weeks with how much I've lost from which areas. So far, I haven't lost anything from my arms. I need to start taking a reading from my calves to see how they build up and form.

As a last part of this update, le sigh, I haven't been working my yoga for the past several days...for at least a week, to tell the truth. I really need to get back into it, but I have really been trying to focus on my cardio. I am still retaining the flexibility I have gained from yoga to date, but I need to continue practice to further such benefits and to insure I don't have a relapse. I may set a new date to challenge myself to keep with it again.

I am finally enjoying exercise again. It's about time, sheesh! ;)
Dark Isis
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